A new diet can bring about a lot of change. We say embrace it and incorporate new gadgets and tools into your meal prep space. There are hundreds of ways to make cooking fun and efficient. Creating meals can be a fun experience, which you get to do three times a day. Here are 5 ways to kit out your kitchen in style!


  1. Food Scales

Food scales are the ideal kitchen accessory to have on hand. Not only do they make measuring easier, but they also allow you to see exactly how much a serving of food is before you add it to the recipe or your plate. Often visual cues are much easier to remember than measurements and serving sizes. Train your eye to learn what’s the right amount of each ingredient!


  1. Juicer

Who says you have to give up sweets when you’re on a diet? Fruit is full of natural, healthy sugars that will help curb the craving for artificial sweeteners and pre-packaged desserts. We recommend purchasing a juicer. They can be inexpensive and small, so they fit in even the smallest kitchen. We suggest using fresh fruit juice in lieu of salad dressing or, simply, as a refreshing beverage.


  1. Strawberry Huller

There’s nothing more delicious in the spring or summer than a bowl of fresh berries. Make this your go-to snack by purchasing a strawberry huller. This nifty device removes the strawberry’s middle with one quick motion. Strawberries contain Vitamin C and are linked to wrinkle prevention, so they’re great for you, as well as tasty!


  1. Vegetable Peeler

There’s nothing more time consuming than peeling veggies with a knife. However, the process can be sped up, and much safer, with a vegetable peeler. These gadgets come in a multitude of sizes and colors. Some even have adjustable settings to tackle different vegetable skin thicknesses. Not only will this make meal prep faster, you’ll also be more inclined to pile your plate high with veggies!


  1. Mortar and Pestle

This item is useful and also a cool piece to display in your kitchen. While used for many functions, a mortar and pestle typically grinds up spices. Nothing transforms a dish faster than adding some tasty, and low calorie, herbs, and spices. A mortar and pestle are a staple in any kitchen looking to punch up the flavor!


By adding some, or all, of these kitchen gadgets into your life, we believe food preparation will go from being a chore to one of your favorite times of the day. There’s no end to the creativity and imagination you can bring to new recipes. While the hCG protocol has guidelines to help you attain your weight loss aspirations, there is still room to experiment and eat foods that you love! Call the Complete Medical Weight Loss Clinic to discover all the ways the program can help change your lifestyle and get you back on track. Book your consultation today!

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